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  • Press Release
  • December 1, 2014

SkyNet Worldwide Express launches SKYBOX in Lebanon

Skynet Worldwide Express Lebanon has introduced “Skybox”, that offers consumers an online shopping service. 
Skybox gives Lebanese shoppers a personal mailing address in the US and the UK to consolidate all their shopping from any international store and have them shipped safely to their doors in Lebanon.
Once again, Skynet Worldwide Express Lebanon confirms its belief in the local market by launching a new service that is expected to bring major opportunities. “Recent breakthrough technologies are changing shopping habits. With Skybox, customers have the opportunity to shop anytime and anywhere and have their cart delivered to their door. With our “shops for you” service, they even don’t need to have a credit card” says Elie Bader, the Commercial Manager of Skynet Worldwide Express Lebanon. “As such, we handle the whole cycle while keeping our customers in control. Our video tracking systems and our innovative calculator provide shoppers with additional peace of mind. Online shopping has never been easier.”

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