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  • Company: The Net Holding
  • Date: November 29 ,2018
  • Location: Beirut - Lebanon

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)

Student Career Experience Program will provide part time job opportunities in TNH below departments:

a. Sales Department
b. Operations Department
c. Quoting Department
d. Customer Service Department
e. Accounting Department (Collection & Payables)
f. Human Resources Department
g. IT Department
h. Marketing Department
i. Quality Department
j. CRM Department

Students will be selected based on positive interview feedback, psychometric test and the below criteria:

a. Enrolled in an accredited program; pursuing a degree, diploma, certificate.
b. Second year students
c. Maintain a minimum GPA of “2.”
d. Majoring in a field closely related to the job for which he/she is being considered.
e. Meet the Qualification Standards, Requirements for the position.
f. Maintain a flexible University Schedule.
g. Ambitious and Dynamic.
h. Serious and Disciplined.

Flexible Work Schedule:

a. Covering 15 to 30 hours weekly; convenient with the positions’ business requirements.
b. SCEP may provide a Year- Round Employment. Agreement will be Reviewed & Renewed on the Completion of each Semester until Graduation (scope: 2-4 yrs).

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