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  • Company: The Net Holding group of companies
  • Date: June 1 ,2017
  • Location: Lebanon

Internship Program

The Net Holding internship program is designed to provide university students the chance to work on real projects where they can apply the theories and skills they have learned in class. Through the internship opportunities, students have the chance to gain professional work experience and enrich their resumes.

The program spans over a minimum of six weeks, starting June 2017 until September 2017.

We strongly encourage students to pursue, develop, and create internship opportunities to improve their learning experience.

Program benefits
  • Convert your academic knowledge into industry skills.
  • Develop professional behavior and social skills.
  • Learn how to work in a team environment.
  • Create a great addition to your resume. 
  • Obtain references for future job opportunities.
  • Gain valuable networking contacts.
  • Find out if this career is the one aspired and fits well with your skills and values and personality.
  • Chance to evolve your internship into permanent recruitment.
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Quality and CRM
  • Customer Servicing
  • Operations
  • Information Technology

Program details:
Starts June 01st 2017- Ends Sep 31st 2017

Please apply if you are
  • At your 2nd or 3rd Academic year
  • Able to work full or part time (Mon-Fri) …

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