Making smarter business you can trust since 1994

The Net Holding started, in 1994, as an express courier company and has grown to represent multinational networks of specialized express and logistics companies, covering the entire supply chain across sectors and industries in the Middle East.

Today, our group includes over 14 companies rolled into a legal and statutory structure that provides us with the agility and authority to operate efficiently in all of our markets and across our lines of business.

A wide spectrum of services, a strong team, an expanding reach, and an uncompromising commitment to personal contact combine to provide world-class express freight-forwarding and logistics services. We are The Net Holding, and we hear you. “We hear you” is a commitment to our clients, our shareholders, our partners, and our team.

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Looking towards the future...

  • Beirut - Lebanon
  • Beirut - Lebanon
  • Damascus - Syria (operation on hold for compliance & security concerns)

  • Damascus - Syria (operation on hold for compliance & security concerns)

  • Montreal - Canada

  • UAE

  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Erbil - Iraq

  •  Basra - Iraq
  •  Baghdad - Iraq

  • Istanbul - Turkey
  • Mersin - Turkey

  •  Dubai World Central - UAE


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A company and a team that cares

Mourad Aoun

Mourad Aoun

Cofounder and CEO of The Net Holding, with 25 years of experience in the express and logistics industry.

Salma Moubayed

Salma Moubayed

COO of The Net Holding, with 10+ years of experience in the express and logistics industry.

Farida Al Ali

Farida Al Ali

HR Manager

Mourad Aoun

Cofounder and CEO of The Net Holding, with 25 years of experience in the express and logistics industry.

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Service Excellence

  • We follow a customer-centric approach, putting our clients first.
  • We offer customized service for each of our clients' requirements.
  • We have a flexible supply chain management system that caters to every industry sector.
  • We work in partnership with our clients to offer them a unique customer experience.

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

  • Compliance
  • Quality
The Net Holding employees conduct business within a framework of laws, rules, regulations, and best ethical practices to guarantee sustainable values and long-term success. Our compliance policy guarantees accounting transparency and prevents bribery of foreign officials.

We are committed to zero tolerance for any violation or corruption offense. Our managers ensure that all employees abide by the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, providing safety, security, and peace of mind to clients throughout the supply-chain process.

We work in partnership with government authorities against bribery and corruption to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements. We work responsibly and transparently throughout our processes and carefully select our suppliers, making sure that all carry the same code of conduct in their culture.

Our TRACE certification, acquired through “Net Logistics”, further enforces our strict corporate values as it requires continuing due diligence reviews and gives access to continuous Workshops, hosted regularly around the world for compliance professionals. ANTI-CORRUPTION Compliance policy
Our ISO 9001:2015 certification acknowledges the company’s continuous commitment to excellence through compliant quality management practices.

The ISO certification represents an industry recognized level of quality that enables customers to be confident in their decision to entrust The Net Holding with their products for express, logistics, and freight-forwarding services.

We ensure quality service by providing the same level of professionalism and communication through controlled Key Performance Indicators at all of our offices. Our claim handling process is designed to continuously improve our value proposal whereas every claim is tracked by a reference number and followed up for immediate and corrective actions. 

We provide effective, reliable, and flexible solutions that fit all business requirements. We believe that our going concern is best served through customer satisfaction and long-term relationships.

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Our Culture

Our culture lies in our process of work, that organizes a passionate cross functional team of experts to achieve excellence in servicing our clients to meet their business goals.

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values
Our goal is to become the largest supply-chain provider in the region by offering excellence in express, freight-forwarding, and logistics services while creating value to our stakeholders.
Our mission aims to CREATE new opportunities through:
  • Continuous customer satisfaction
  • Reliable internal and external communication
  • Efficiency and quality in all rendered services
  • Assurance of dedication and personalization
  • Team spirit for perfect synergy
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with our clients

Dedication                              Integrity                           Respect                              Commitment                           Team Spirit